America’s Most Complicated Challenge

America is currently facing a plethora of challenges without solutions. Economic recovery has been dismal, healthcare costs are untamed, the gap between the wealthy and the poor only widens… and while all of these problems are serious and significant, I believe that America would benefit most from finding a solution for our public education system.

To be frank, our public education system is in shambles. Research from the Alliance for Excellent Education found that 13% of our high schools are producing over 51% of our nation’s dropouts, costing our economy $337 billion in income loss. Many of these underperforming schools are located in disadvantaged socioeconomic areas, making it difficult to identify the root causes for poor student achievement. So, the question is, is this lack of performance due to:

A. Ineffective teaching?

B. Resources not being allocated correctly?

C. Is our curriculum outdated?

D. Do parents need to become more involved in their children’s education?

The problem is likely E, a mixture of all of the above, which demonstrates the complexity of the problem as a whole given that each issue harbors its own complex challenges to solve.

Education creates opportunity. Unfortunately, many students are left without the necessary knowledge and tools that enable success. Thus, many opportunities go unrealized by the children of today, making it more difficult for their children, the children of tomorrow, to advance in society. If we aspire to fixmany of the nation’s challenges, we must start by fixing our public education system. 



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